Sunday, August 16, 2009

Illegal 3

According to the secret rules of travel (of which I had heretofore been blissfully unaware), your passport is no longer good for travel to Ecuador six months prior to its stated expiration date. My passport expires in November, which added forty minutes of persistent pleading -and much uncertainty as to whether they'd actually let me on the plane- to my check-in. The funny thing is that outside of this Delta airlines agent, no one else I came in touch with (i.e. immigration in both countries) seemed to care. Another secret rule of travel is "thou shalt not take pictures whilst in a federal sorting facility". I learned this rule from a uniformed federal officer in Atlanta international airport who appeared out of nowhere shortly after taking this picture. Who knew? The fact that passport control takes place on Level 3 seemed a fitting closure to a delightful (albeit hectic) trip.

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